Subjective Atlas Airport Eelde

Type – Study assignment

Supervisor – Jelle F. Post

Collaboration – Marleen Annema, Gijs Lammers & Tom van Huisstede




Groningen Airport Eelde is the only airport for public aviation in the North of the Netherlands. The airport opened its doors in May 1931 and has always struggled to stay open. With a recent extension of its runaway, the goal was to attract larger airplanes. This ambition had not turned out very well for the airport. Since the opening of the airport it has not managed to turn a profit.

Groningen Airport Eelde tries to present itself as a full-grown international airport. Mainly due to lack of money they cannot fulfill this ambition. This information also influenced our experience at the place while working on this project.




The goal of the subjective atlas was to map the airport in our own experience. In the timespan of four months we started visiting the place twice a week and it soon came to our attention that a lot of aspects of the airport felt a bit clumsy. We decided to make this our main theme.

We worked in a team consisting of Marleen Annema, Tom van Huisstede and Gijs Lammers. The project was a group process. We were all responsible for the content and art direction of this project. While Tom and Marleen focused more on photography in general, I was more focused on typography. Everyone in the group had their own task, designing different parts of the atlas and bringing these together as one.

Our goal in this theme ‘clumsiness’ was to capture the essence as if we had experienced it. As we focused on multiple elements of the airport we tried to bring those together as one story.



Looking back at the process, we have learned a lot about gathering and structuring information. While creating the concept within our theme we also learned about art direction. For example, we gained experience in structuring information and creating the story; we are very happy with the result; the story that we were trying to tell is captured beautifully in this book.


*Interesting side note; the whole booklet is measured in the distance of the airports track length (bl). The length of the airports runaway is 2500m, divide this through the length of the whole booklet (136 pages x 195mm) and the story is told in 0.010608bl.


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